Quasimodo's Mother

Name: Quasimodo's Mother
Voice Actress: Mary Kay Bergman
Description: Quasimodo's mother is a young gypsy (or Roma/Romani, as they are called in real life) woman whom we see in the prologue (The Bells of Notre Dame). In the beginning of the movie, a gypsy puppeteer named Clopin was telling the story on how the bell ringer of Notre Dame got to be there in the bell tower to a few children. Twenty years ago at night, in the middle of winter, she, her child and other two gypsies were trying to get into Paris. Sadly, they were caught by Judge Claude Frollo and his soldiers. In a last embrace with the one she was with, the soldiers arrest the male gypsies while she remains free with her child.

Just as she gets noticed by a soldier, he asks her what she's hiding. Frollo, unknownst to him that the bundle she carries is a baby, orders the guard to take it from her. In an effort to try to protect her child, she runs away. While running away, Frollo personally runs after her on his horse. In a way to out run him, she jumps over a fence at a corner and continues to run and until she stops at the Notre Dame cathedral. As the doors of the church are locked, she knocks on them and cries for sanctuary. Waiting for someone to open the door, she sees Frollo approaching and starts to run away. Frollo catches up to her and snatches the bundle from her. Not letting go, he kicks her in the chest, causing her to fall backwards, hitting her head on the steps of Notre Dame; fatally wounding her.

Still lying on the steps, the Archdeacon comes out and stops Frollo from drowning her baby into a well after discovering the child is deformed. The Archdeacon holds her lifeless body in his arms and tells him to raise the child after killing her since she was an innocent woman. He agrees and names the child: Quasimodo, which means "half-formed." We don't know what happens to her body, but I hope she was buried. Throughout the movie, Frollo has been lying to Quasimodo saying that his mother abandoned him. But close to the end of the movie, he finally tells him that his mother tried to save him, just as he was trying to save Esmeralda and how he's like her.


Like all gypsies, she wears jewelery on her head, ears, wrists and on her left ankle. She has black hair, purple eyes, dark skin and red lips. She wears a purple dress with a magenta colored bodice. She also wears sandals and a head scarf. She looks very similar to Esmeralda who is also a gypsy and one of the main characters in the movie. To be honest, I always think that after she was killed, she reincarnated into Esmeralda because they look like each other so much because of their appearance, dress styles and jewelery. In The Hunchback of Notre Dame storybook, her appearance is a little bit different and her dress is completely magenta instead of purple.

Why I like her...

The reason why I'm a fan and made this fanlisting/mini-shrine for her is because, despite her beautiful appearance, I think it was her bravery and love to protect her child like any mother would do has caught my eye. She cared for him and loved him. She tried her best to protect him from harm and in the end, it cost her very life to do it. Every time Frollo mentions her, he always keeps saying that she abandoned Quasi. Just hearing that gets me irritated. The man kills her, not even caring that she's a human being. He only sees her as a gypsy, and she must be arrested or killed. He always tells Quasimodo to think of what she's done to him, but at the end he thinks back of what he's done to her, which he, kind of, freezes about it and I think he gets haunted by it. Even though she didn't have much screentime, she still has a huge role in the movie.


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